Student Wellbeing

The New Lambton Public School community takes pride in a school culture based on the values of Excellence, Respect and Responsibility. A set of school expectations has been developed based on the core values to maintain the school culture.


A student wellbeing framework has been developed to support the students' intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth and wellbeing.


The Learning Support Team is integral in this framework, working collaboratively with teachers and parents to identify and support students who require additional support in any of these areas.


Students have access to the school counsellor, Learning and Support Teacher and programs such as Bounce Back and student leadership opportunities.


The achievements of individual students and school groups are celebrated through weekly whole school and stage assemblies, a whole school reward system, the school newsletter, website and the annual presentation day.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and

happy environment for your child. We

support your child’s health and safety

through a range of strategies including:

For more information, visit the student wellbeing section of the department’s website.

Like all NSW public schools, we promote the healthy development of students through:

  • school programs and practices that protect and promote health and safety

  • supporting individual students who need help with health issues

  • providing first aid and temporary care of students who become unwell or who have an accident at school.


Further, we provide safe learning and teaching environments to encourage healthy, happy, successful and productive students. The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. These opportunities support wellbeing through positive and respectful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community. The Wellbeing Framework for Schools helps schools support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.


Mission Statement

Quality Education in a Caring Environment


School Motto

Truth, Honour, Loyalty and Trust


School Values

Excellence, Respect, Responsibility

Core Rules



Always strive to do your best

Be a lifelong learner

Believe in yourself and others

Be honest and truthful



Be courteous and considerate

Play fairly

Care for our school environment

Listen to others



Wear your school uniform with pride

Be prepared for learning

Always follow the rules and stay safe

Accept responsibility for yourself and your belongings

Merit Award System

10      Achievement Award

50      Principal's Award

100    Bronze Award

150    Silver

200    Gold (Hall of Fame)

250    Emerald

300    Ruby

350    Sapphire

400    Honour (Principal's Morning Tea)

450    Excellence Medallion   

New Lambton Public School

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