School Documents


(2014) denotes the year the document was produced or updated.

Annual School Report

The NLPS Weekly Newsletter can be accessed on the Newsletter Page. Click here

School Planning


NLPS 2018 - 2020 School Plan

NLPS 2015 - 2017 School Plan

Anti- Bullying Plan

The school Anti- Bullying Plan.


School Rules (2013)

Core rules of NLPS.


Out of Zone Enrolment Application Form





Enrolment Procedures (2019)

Information about enrolling. See  Enrolment. 

Policy Library


Parent and Student Handbook  (Currently being updated)

General information for parents and students about New Lambton Public School. Includes information about curriculum, uniforms, canteen, etc.


Student Welfare Booklet 

Information about student welfare.

These documents are in PDF format.



Volunteer Form

This form needs to be signed and returned to the office with 100 points of identification if you wish to     help with any school activity.


Private Transport Form

If you are transporting students to or from a school event please sign and return this form

  to the school office with 100 points of identification.


100 Points of Identification

This is a list of items you can show the office to make 100 points of identification before volunteering

  in a school activity.


Child Protection Information
Information for people wishing to volunteer at the school.

Working With Children Check

All people who wish to volunteer at the school must complete this form and return it to the school  office.




DoE Work Health & Safety Policy

Information about WH&S Policy


DoE Dignity & Respect Charter






Student Assistance Application Form


Reading With Your Child at Home

Ideas for parents of young children to encourage good reading skills.

New Lambton Public School

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