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Congratulations to all Year 2 students who successfully completed their Intensive Swim Scheme in Term 3. Over 9 days after the Whole School Production, all of the Year 2 cohort visited Arnold’s Swim Centre at The Junction for their annual swimming program. Although very tired, they worked hard to learn new water safety, survival and swimming skills. The improvement in every single student was evident after the final day had clicked over, and given our coastal location, these are such essential skills on so many levels. Keep practising all summer, super fish!

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6/11   NLHI  Transition #2

          School Leadership training session 2

7/11   Yr 4 Hunter Valley Zoo Excursion

          Music Count us in

          Yr 1 Science Incursion

8/11   Yr 2 Wetlands Excursion

          School Leadership Writing Session

11/11 10:30am Remembrance Day Service

          2020 School Leadership EOI due (Yr 5)

12/11  Responsible Pet Ownership (Kindergarten)

14/11  Life Education Sessions Start

           Cricket NSW Sessions

15/11  2020 School Leadership speech writing

12/12  Party Day

16/12  Presentation Day

17/12  Talent Show

           Yr 6 Graduation Dinner

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